If you’re a Superhero, I’m Elvis: 10 forgotten comic superheroes


toy-1662250_1920 Image: Pixabay

I am sure many of us have dreamed of being a superhero, fighting the forces of crime, evil and helping the elderly across the road. The allure of saving the world yet remaining humble and unassuming resonates strongly with adventurous nerds. In recent years the likes of X-Men, Iron Man, Spiderman. Green Lantern and Captain America have graced our movie screens. Echoes of a bygone world they’ve been brought into the 21st century with a fanfare. Time and experiences are cyclical, which unfortunately means certain fashion mistakes might also resurface. Who amongst us can remember flares so big they could serve as parachutes? What about spandex jumpsuits that might get you arrested for indecency and assault with a groovy weapon? The thought sends a shiver of ice-cold terror down the spine. I digress, only to put off the difficult task I have agreed to take on. Frodo had…

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