Guest Author: Alan Richardson – The Lightbearer

Sue Vincent's Daily Echo

Alan Richardson is one of those authors who seems to have always been on my shelves. I first came across his work more years ago than I care to remember, when I was devouring every reputable book on magic and the Western Mysteries upon which I could lay my hands. Many of these were deep and thoughtful. Others had no more depth than the paper upon which they were printed. They all had something to teach, if only discernment.

Letters of LightThere are  many learned works that seem to be based on knowledge alone, not direct experience. But there are odd gems… the ones that feel right in some indefinable way and bring life to their subject. Where this subject is concerned,  there are few writers who bring more than a touch of their own humanity to the page.  Even fewer who have dared to inject it with humour. Alan Richardson is…

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