An Imperious Impulse IV…


…When Death Spirit heard of Coyote’s folly he was deeply angered.

He immediately appeared to Coyote who was alone on the prairie howling into the dust.

“You…you…you… congenital transgressor!” spat Death Spirit in his rage, “I told you not to do anything foolish of this sort. You were about to establish the practice of returning from death for the coming race but now they will have to deal with things as they are.”

Coyote howled and howled into the dust.

“I will return to the Lodge of the Dead,” Coyote said to himself and start the whole thing over.”

Coyote started out the next morning, retracing the steps that he and Death Spirit had taken together.

Recognising the Plain of the Horses, Coyote pointed and said, “Oh look, a round-up of horses.”

Coyote went on further until he got to the Place of the Berries, “Oh look, an abundance of fruit,” he said.

Then Coyote went on until the Place of the Lodge where he lifted the flap, bent low, and entered in but when night fell there were no whisperings from his friends and no sign of his wife.

Coyote sat in the middle of the prairie all night long, but the Lodge of the Dead did not appear to him, and he never saw nor heard from Death Spirit again.


14 thoughts on “An Imperious Impulse IV…

  1. Great post. Really enjoying the native America traditions as I’m not familiar with them. One thing that struck me is the story must have only arrived in its final form after the “discovery” of America by Columbus (if you ever think it was undiscovered that is!) simply because the Coyote refers to the Plain of Horses. The horse was introduced by the Spanish.

    Although the horse originated in North America and spread to South America it went extinct in both continents about the time the first modern native Americans arrived – possibly due to over hunting although it might have gone extinct at the time of the Clovis people (along with the Clovis people) in 1,000 year long period of the returning Ice age called the Younger Dryas (about 13,000 years ago. Up to recently it was only accepted by science that the first modern Native Americans arrived sometime after this.But what does science know eh!)

    The Clovis people might have come across the ice from Europe as their stone tools resemble those found in Europe rather than the Micro flint technology found on the West coast which has more in common with Asian tool technology.

    Although there is nothing to say Easterners and Westerner did not arrive in different sides of the continent at different times as some sites in South America (which are controversial) believe humans were in South America as early as 30,000 years ago and the best way to get there would have been by coast hopping.

    During the different times of the ice age there was a huge land bridge called Beringia linking Siberia to Alaska and an Ice free corridor through Canada – that closed up around 20,000 ago until the ice started to melt again. Setting clear dates for the arrival of people either before 20K years ago or around 10K years ago.

    It does seem unlikely the horse was a racial memory for almost 10K years – although anything is possible. But having said that is it any different to the ‘modern’ gloss overlying the genuinely ancient traditions found in the Mabinigion?

    Anyway just thinking out loud… so hope you don’t mind. Cheers Paul

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