Third Eye Chakra: Lessons of the in-body Chakras, and our relationship to the Earthly Plane



“Third Eye Wide”  Copyright  ©2015

This is Part 1 of a 2 Part Series.Stay tuned, Part 2 coming Soon…

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The following is the response to a query I received from a reader who contacted me recently regarding some very persistent issues they were having with an entity attachment.

The person was an advanced spiritual practitioner, but despite having an impressive array of techniques at their disposal for raising, controlling and clearing energy, they could not definitively shake off this negative energetic attack, no matter how hard they tried. They saw one of my posts on entity removal, and came to me for help. And I am very greatful that they did, because it has prompted this synchronistic lesson, which I believe is something relevant to spiritual practitioners at all levels.

It gets at the heart…

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