Notes on the Nature of Coyote…


Coyote is a Native American culture hero, buffoon, and trickster figure who mixes animal and human traits to mostly comic, often catastrophic, and sometimes salutary effect.


The world in which Coyote moves can be conceived as a parallel to the Aboriginal Australian Dreaming and to the worlds of most other early indigenous mythological story cycles and systems including those which are native to our own shores.


Wherever and whenever our world is perceived as a sentient being and the pervading ontology is animistic in nature;  wondrous, perplexing, and highly imaginative, yet nonetheless, instructive tales such as these are to be found.

Long may they continue to be enjoyed…



7 thoughts on “Notes on the Nature of Coyote…

  1. Yes, more Coyote for everyone. Sorry, I just adore the coyote stories. In the British tradition, do you think Mr. Fox is our Coyote? And have you ever read Enid Blyton’s Binkle and Flip. It centers on two rabbits who get into impossible scrapes. It was my favourite as a child and my daughters favourite as a child.

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  2. ‘Brer’ is short for ‘Brother’, Robbie. Mister Fox is a local fire-dance team we are associated with whose traditions stretch back to a Folk Tale character from Derbyshire. We have a produced a number of graphic novels which feature this character, the first of which, ‘Mr Fox: The Legend.’ relates the origins of his tale and his survival in the local folk tradition.


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