The Witches Stone

Walking with a Smacked Pentax

This is the Witches Stone nr. Monzie in Perthshire.  Scotland.

It is a prehistoric standing stone, steeped in myths and legends – and situated in the Scottish Highlands.

The stone is said to mark the spot of Kate McNiven – the Witch of Monzies’ execution. The story goes that she was to be put in a barrel and rolled down the mountain before being burnt.

Kate had been a nurse to the local landowner, and just before she was to die he tried to save her, but to no avail. She spat a bead from her necklace into his hand which turned in to a ring, and this was to keep the family safe and wealthy.

She also cursed the Laird of Monzie, who originally accused her of witchcraft.

A full account of the Witch of Monzie can be found here – and if you don’t read it the Witch will curse…

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