Legends in the landscape – a life in the stones

Sue Vincent's Daily Echo


The first time we saw Robin Hood’s Stride it was getting dark and it was raining. To call it a visit is perhaps a misnomer. We had been meaning to get there for quite some time… particularly as there were other things close by… but between a lack of time, bad weather and a distinct dearth of signage, we never quite managed it. And anyway, it was just a natural outcrop, wasn’t it? Finally, though, we had found the lane that we needed to take and located some of the nearby ancient places we needed to see. So, one October day, we headed off in search of stones.


The landscape was at its autumnal best and we were welcomed by a herd of exceedingly curious cows. It was going to be one of those days… but that was okay. Those days generally mean that we are going to find something…

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