Legends in the landscape – the Crags

Sue Vincent's Daily Echo


We left Robin Hood’s Stride reluctantly, knowing that we would have to come back…. there was much more to explore and experience there. On the other side of the ancient portway that divides the two sites is was appears to be a similar pile of rocks… Cratcliffe Crags.


Things are a little different here as it is an acknowledged ancient hillfort, although when you start Googling, you might not think so as little seems to have been published about the site. The term ‘hillfort’ is a misleading and inclusive one, applied to many different structures from earthen banked enclosures to defended, stone-built ones such as this.


The stones themselves are mainly earthfast boulders of huge proportions, though traces of the ‘walls’ remain, better visible when the bracken is low. Traces of the banks and walls surround one side, but the other side of the crags has its own, natural defence.

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