Clouds Grey as Mountains…


… “An exquisite exposition!”

“You don’t like it do you?”

“A revelation in rhyme!”

“That bad, huh?”

“And darn great grubbing to boot!”


“Oh yes, although you may not realise it, you have single handedly provided the key to a problem that has plagued my world weary soul for more than twenty long years.”

“Well, it was hardly single handed. Which bit did you like?”

“All of it Little Grub, all of it, but ‘Father Moon’ really has set a medium sized cat among the Roe Deer.”

“It has?”

“Indeed it has!”

“Are you going to explain?”

“I shall certainly try. There is an old Irish story which has come down in various forms of which the following is an amalgam…”

“No names, remember,” says Wen, who is clearly enjoying herself now.

“No, no names.” …


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