The Henge Within a Housing Estate

Walking with a Smacked Pentax

During the late 1970’s, when excavations were being dug for a new housing estate just outside Stirling in Scotland, a prehistoric henge* was discovered. Work was stopped whilst the archaeologists examined the site – and the housing estate was eventually replanned and built around the site with the henge in the middle.

We decided to visit the henge and arrived at the site – Balfarg Henge – a couple of weeks ago just as it was starting to get dark.  And what an amazing site it is too. The people of the housing estate have certainly looked after their possession. You could almost sense the pride these people have for the henge. There was no graffiti on the stones, the grass was neatly trimmed and the place was virtually litter free, apart from one tiny bottle that probably fell out of a bin.

Two massive stones acted as guardians of the henge (sounds…

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