Reynard’s Return…


“Is that it?” says Wen, somewhat nonplussed.

“More or less.”

“Well, there should be more, surely?”

“Oh, but there is more, much more, but we are here only concerned with giving a skeletal outline of what was once the pre-eminent Myth of Albion, and covering the bases, and basis, of the Rapunzel story.”

“Pre-eminent, eh?”


“How much more?”

“Let’s see now, there is a prequel which relates how the three brothers built the King of Castle-Hill’s castle.”

“Okaay, I can just about see how that works.”

“There are a couple of topographical episodes relating the king’s sojourn with the wondrous cow and the Thorn-Children falling one by one from the coracle.”

“Place-name Dreamings?”

“Precisely, a lot of the resting places of the cow became sacred wells and springs.”

“That’s beautiful.”

“It is beautiful and I love it.”

“And the Thorn-Children?”

“Safe harbours.”

“Aww, I like seals.”

“I like seals too.”

“Any more?”

“There are even some quite lengthy versions of the warrior’s tryst with the princess, involving much jiggery-pokery.”

“Well, that certainly fits!”

“And then there’s the sequel which relates the death of the warrior at the hands of the king and the death of the king at the hands of his grandson, as foretold in the prophecy.”

“And my ‘grubbing’ gave you the key to all this?”

“I had singularly failed to realise that the hand-maids were months.”

“And do  you have anymore er ‘keys’ you’d like to toss in the direction of the dazed and confused while you’re at it?”

“Cosmologically, the king is the year’s Old Sun, his grandson is the New… Psychologically, the king is the Ego, his grandson is the Id.”

“Sounds a little like the story told by a certain dance troupe we are  mysteriously acquainted with.”

“Doesn’t it just.”

“We started with a question,” says Wen, “so we had better end with one.”

“Okay, if the wondrous cow is the Moon, what is the magic halter?”


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