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Photo prompt round-up -Bridge #writephoto

Sue Vincent's Daily Echo

The photo for this week’s prompt was taken in Buxton, one sunny afternoon. The water runs crystal clear in the sunlight, fresh from the hills, meandering through a prim park, left over from the elegant heyday of the spa town. The shadows beneath the bridge were cool and seemed to hold secrets and I wondered how many lovers had met here…and how many less fortunate had called the arches home… and how many would see them as different instead of being joined by a common humanity.

More wonderful entries this week. Thank you to everyone who took part. Please click on the links below to visit all the posts and leave a comment for the author! A new prompt will be published later today and I will reblog as many as I can through the week… but given the volume of entries we are getting now, that will not…

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The Lord of all Proud Beasts…


His skin is hard as rock.

His heart huge as a boulder.

His belly thick with spikes.


His eyes glow like dawn.

He sneezes and lightnings flash.

Flames leap from his mouth.


Smoke pours from his nostrils

like steam from a boiling pot.

His breath sets coals ablaze.


He looks down on the highest

and watches terror dance before him.

Is nothing on earth his equal?


Deep waters

Sue Vincent's Daily Echo


The fish are watching me watching them. Every so often, one or another will come to the corner of the aquarium and look out into the world around my desk and we watch each other, eye to eye. It is a strange feeling, wondering who is the observer and who the observed at such moments…and can we truly draw that distinction?

It is only with the advent of modern technology that we have really had the privilege of looking beneath the waters and watching the piscine world. I remember being spellbound by Cousteau’s undersea adventures as a child, exploring waters I will never see. The rich diversity was breathtaking, but there was not the same intimacy as living with fish and watching them day by day.

Keeping fish is an old, old story. The Roman’s did it, so did the Chinese. Around 50 AD, the Romans first used glass on…

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