Weed or wildflower? #InternationalWomensDay

Sue Vincent's Daily Echo

wild sweet pea

Being a working woman, I could be expected to be sitting here nicely coiffed, decently dressed and wearing make-up. Being also a writer, you might imagine me instead romantically dishevelled or pyjama clad. These are stereotypes we can all recognise that conform to an accepted idea.

In fact, I am neither and my attire is finished with a nasally inserted tissue. I grant you, it is not the most appealing of accessories. Even the dog raised a quizzical brow at the tissue currently protruding from my nose, but after two days of constant sneezing and nosebleeds, what it lacks in sartorial elegance, the tissue makes up for in practicality. I long since gave up trying to impress my dog with any pretence of elegance anyway…she, after all, sees me every morning before the coffee kicks in. The postman was a different matter and it was in the nick of time…

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