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Photo prompt round-up – Spring #writephoto

Sue Vincent's Daily Echo

The photo for this week’s prompt was taken at the Silver Spring in Cerne Abbas, Dorset…where we were grateful to find cold, clear water in which to cool our burning skin and throats. We had gone there for the Giant… a hill figure carved into the chalk… and climbed the hill on the hottest day in memory… at noon and without even a thought of water. The ancient holy well that was our salvation is a place of legends and peace.

More wonderful entries this week. Thank you to everyone who took part. Please click on the links below to visit all the posts and leave a comment for the author! A new prompt will be published later today and I will reblog as many as I can through the week… but given the volume of entries we are getting now, that will not be all of them.

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White-Skunk and Bald-Eagle II…


…Eagle and Skunk retired to their beds after eating.

Before long Skunk began to laugh out loud.

“You are very annoying,” said Eagle, “what is so funny that it is worth keeping me awake?”

“We have mice,” said Skunk, “and one of them keeps running across my belly. It is so very ticklish.”

But the Frog sisters emerged from under Eagle’s pillow and whispered in his ear, “Nephew let us tell you something, Skunk has the Plover sisters with him in his bed, only, they wanted to marry you and we were destined for him but Skunk would not allow it. That is what tickles him so much, he lied to you about the fire.”

“It is well that you have told me this,” said Eagle to the Frog sisters.


The next morning Eagle arose early whilst Skunk was still sound asleep.

He packed the Frog sisters back off home with as much venison as they could carry and scolded Skunk to wake up.

“Why are you sleeping so late!”

“I must have fallen into a deep sleep,” explained Skunk. “That mouse kept me awake such a long time before I got off.”

So, Eagle went out to hunt again and Skunk spent the day with the Plover sisters.

Eagle was deeply worried, “Whatever it is that Skunk is up to,” he thought to himself, “tomorrow I will get my revenge.”…

to be continued


Points of view

Sue Vincent's Daily Echo

Some eyes see only through a darkened haze
Behind dark lenses, blinkered, self-conditioned
Blind to the dancing joy where rainbows arc
Afraid to see the colours life commissioned.

Some eyes see far in pastel coloured glory
Leaving life behind them as they sail
Upon a golden mist of wonder in the morning
To reach a world that glows behind the veil.

Some eyes look inwards, seeing only self
Or mirrored images of other eyes
Colouring their vision with their fears,
They live in hope that every mirror lies.

Some eyes are dull and lifeless, hold no light,
No spark within, of happiness bereft,
All joy extinguished by the flow of tears
As sorrow weighs the pittance they have left.

Some see with certainty in monochrome
In black or white there is no compromise,
No shade of grey compassion in their glance,
No empathy or kindness in their eyes.

Yet some…

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