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White-Skunk and Bald Eagle V…


… So, Skunk squirted musk into the water.

The place where the water was immediately went dry and Eagle and his wives disappeared.

Soon the water surged back in again and when Skunk looked he could still see Eagle and his wives laughing at him.

Skunk squirted musk at them again, the watery place again became dry and Eagle and his wives disappeared but when the water flowed back in Skunk again saw them all in the self same place.

Skunk went on spraying them with musk with the same result until he became exhausted.

In his fatigue Skunk started to ease the tension of his muscles by stretching and in so doing he threw back his head.

There, high up on the overhanging cliff, were Eagle and his wives laughing at him all the more.

Skunk finally realised that they were not in the water at all.

“Ho, Brother,” he called, “throw down one of your wives and we’ll call it quits.”

“If you can climb up to this ledge, you can take your pick,” laughed Eagle.

“How will I climb all the way up there, Brother?” said Skunk.

“Buttocks first,” hollered Eagle, who was enjoying himself now.

So Skunk started the long ascent, buttocks first, and Eagle kindled a fire and put a round stone in it to heat.

“Just let me get near,” said Skunk to himself, “and I will squirt them with musk and kill them all.” …

to be continued


Plagiarism and validation

The Silent Eye

Image: Pixabay

Noun: plagiarism:  the practice of taking someone else’s work or ideas and passing them off as one’s own.
Sometimes when I’m about to write about a particular idea, I will look at quotes on the subject. Not to use either the quote or the idea, but to spark ideas from them and follow where they might lead. Ideas come from many sources and while most of them seem to self-generate, there is every possibility that they originated somewhere else. Something you have seen, heard or read may have been incubating for years before it comes to the surface, reshaped and repackaged, with a relevance that is all your own. Indeed, unless you are deliberately plagiarising the work of another, you can say that it is your own. How else do we learn but by taking in what life offers and allowing our own mind and heart to work…

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