Been a while…

Shamanic Paths

Fox and Raven plot alchemical shenanigans
(Image Robert Helman)

…hope to be back to catch up shortly.

I never seem to recognise it when it starts. Always creeps up, and before you know it I’m in nesting mode. Not the good type of nesting; much more the “build the walls thick, strong and high” type nesting. Shut out the world; settle into this massive, warm duvet. Sleep for a month. Maybe one more…

That type of nesting.

The Work goes on. The bone deep weariness turns into physical pain. Push through. Must be an old injury. Yet it persists; in glorious waves of sharp, incessant, dragging anguish. Tired, so tired. Why am I SO tired? There is Work to be done! There is, also, work to be done! That can wait. The paperwork forms its own nest on an already overburdened desk…

My first clue is usually the desire…

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