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Wind, rain and apparitions

Sue Vincent's Daily Echo

It rained. Pretty much all weekend. We did manage a couple of forays out into the hills… but our aim was, on both occasions, pretty specific. With another book underway, we needed photographs. One jaunt saw us terrifying the local teenagers as they came upon a very strange figure… I am not at all sure that we haven’t added a new legend to the folklore of that particular village.

It is already an eerie landscape, particularly on a silver day with the constant drizzle deepening the lichens to a vivid emerald green against the rain-blackened rocks. Quite what the boys made of the whole affair I can only imagine, based upon their shocked expletives.

But, I can imagine some old gaffer sitting by the fireside, telling the paranormal experts fifty years hence, about the day that he and his pals came face to face with something that was half man…

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