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Running on Empty? #writephoto…


Yva followed on Abadam’s heels, “O Abadam,”

she cried, “you have walked in the garden in the

east, where every precious stone was your covering.


You were a sealer of the sum, whose works and trappings were

prepared, and set all about you, on the day you were created.


You were a guardian of the Holy-Mountain,

anointed in the shadow of the Sacred-Tree.


You were perfect in wisdom and filled with beauty,

and you walked with the Spirit amidst the stones-of-fire.


Yet, for me, you have relinquished all of this.

I will come with you, wherever you may go.”



Photo prompt round-up – Deep #writephoto

Sue Vincent's Daily Echo

The photo for this week’s prompt was taken at Stump Cross Caverns in Yorkshire. About a quarter of the known four miles of the caverns are open to the public. Fossilised bones of bison, wolverine and reindeer have been found in the caves that were formed 500,000 years ago, when the ocean covered the land. I used to love visiting these caves as a child with my grandfather and mother, both of whom would spin stories around the strange formations of the stalactites and stalagmites. There is a story that one of the explorers found and underground lake in the caverns, but sealed the entrance when the owners refused him a share of the profits. There are still caverns yet to be explored… who knows what may yet be found.

Thank you to everyone who took part this week. There are so many wonderful contributions! Please click on the links

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