Field of Sheaves…


…I have a bad feeling about this place.

But Wen insists, and when Wen insists… not even graphic descriptions of the steepness of the hill itself could deflect her… so here we are… half way up the climb… resting on a convenient wall and even from this point the view is impressive…

I have been up here before and while that is useful because I can sort of remember where to go it is also a part of what is worrying me so much. I have completely blanked the previous trip from my memory, although thin shards of it are now beginning to filter back into my mind, none of it is particularly encouraging, but then it was a long time ago and maybe things have improved since then… Unfortunately I am not terribly good at convincing myself…

When Wen insists…

Thankfully the common ground opens up sooner than I was expecting and although I know this was not the way I previously entered the site, we will doubtless be able to find our way from here.

‘This will do…’

Before we get too much farther into the common ground we come across a pleasant surprise in the form of a recently placed monument to the Brigantes…

It really is quite spectacular and cheers me up no end, reinforcing the notion that things may have improved somewhat up here…

That feeling though does not last long… and one look at Wen when we approach the site proper and I begin to wish that I had been the one doing the insisting…


10 thoughts on “Field of Sheaves…

  1. Interesting to find out a little about the Brigantes in Yorkshire. These things are so meaningful to me now that I’ve been away from the highlands now for 4 decades. Nowadays, I doubt if I could get up that incline you speak of…

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  2. I loved this article, for we all have I think places that remind us of some challenge we have had in the past there – sometimes physical, and sometimes psychological more than anything. I remember several of those kind of places in my past, and how other folks helped me to get beyond my fears. I was always afraid of heights, and one of things I remember is climbing up a huge wooden ladder-like structure to a fire watch place on top of a really high mountain. I held my breath with every step, but a friend went in front of me, and one behind me, so there was no escaping into my fears. And by golly, I made it to the top, totally out of breath, but I am so glad I had that breath-taking view once in my life. I would not necessarily go out of my way now to climb more fire towers, but I am so glad I went because I know now that I can do it, so the thing has no more power over me.

    It is amazing how many things we allow to have power over us every day. A friend of mine always tells me how “bad” things are in the world. I am not without eyes and ears, but I tell her that we need to not allow our perceptions of what is going on in the world have power over us. We cannot change yesterday even if we try as hard as we can, and tomorrow will be today when it gets here, so being in the present and accepting the world for what it is, and going on with our own lives can begin to make a difference in the world not only for us, but for others we come in contact with every day.

    Thank you for this great article and reminder.

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