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Call of the Spirit…


…Yva and Abadam heard the Spirit calling

for Abadel as they walked in the east.


They hid themselves amongst the trees of the garden.


And the Spirit said to Abadam, “where is Abadel your brother ?”


“How should I know, am I my brother’s keeper ? ” Said Abadam.


And the Spirit said, “O Abadam, there is no secret

which can be hidden from me, even now, the voice

of your brother’s blood cries out to me from the ground.


You have lifted up your heart and said, ‘I am a god,

I am stronger than my brother,’ yet although you have

set your heart as the heart of a god, you are not a god but

a man, and the ground is cursed for your sake.


By the sweat of your brow shall you sow your seed, and it shall bring

forth thorns and thistles, so that you shall eat of the

herb in sorrow all the days of your life…



Through the Eyes of the Ballachulish Goddess


The Ballachulish Goddess was discovered in 1880 beneath about 10 feet of peat.

When she was lifted from lying face down,

her quartzite pebble eyes stared forward,


How remarkable it would have been, when she was first lifted to gaze upon her, or rather for her to see again, to gaze upon us, for the first time in over 2000 years.


Whether deliberately so, her eyes seem different.  Her larger right eye appears to have a distinct pupil marked, as if staring directly at us, or forward into the distance. While her small deeper set left eye, evokes an inward contemplation, perhaps a second sight to other places and times. Her mouth appears poised, as if about to speak to us, perhaps of some wisdom from the past or I can almost hear the first notes of a song emanating.

Taken back to Edinburgh, she was uncared for, and…

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