Whirling Limbs…


…As Abadam and Yva made their way out of the garden in the

east, it seemed as though the leaves of the trees themselves

were whispering: “I will put enmity between you and the

woman, and between your seed and her offspring.


You shall bruise his head

as he shall bite your heel,

and he shall bruise your head

as you shall bite his heel.”


But it was the serpent Abadel hissing at

Abadam from the branches of the tree of life.


When Abadam and Yva had departed the garden in the

east, there was silence there about the space of one day.


To bar the way to its holy mountain so that

Abadam and Yva could never return, the Spirit

appointed a cherub with whirling limbs of flame.



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