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Field of Sheaves II…


…But first to the finding, which was not easy and which though I am utterly loathe to admit it, was down to Wen.

I should have known then.

Turning up on my patch and finding things! Still I suppose Wen would say she is just getting her own back and in truth I am glad she found it because I was beginning to despair…


…It does not help when you are following poor directions, although we were also given precise co-ordinates and I do have a compass, it is just that, when I considered going down that particular route it seemed, to my mind at least, something of a ‘cop out’ especially as Wen had also brought me some dowsing rods.

The spare set which had finally turned up at hers.

They were just like Wen’s too with their own black velvet pouch and all.


Anyway, I was fairly confident that the two of us would have more success than I had done alone.

Especially as a bit of research revealed that we were in fact looking for a flat stone and not an upright as I had previously supposed.

Looking with my mind the last time you see, and looking with the mind only works when you already know what the thing you are looking for looks like…


It still took us longer than it should have though and that was in part down to the directions not specifying when to turn left and head into the trees looking for the clearing. Before or after the first stream (dry in summer)?

I mean, I ask you, ‘on coming to the first stream… turn…’ It sounds like before does it not?


That is what we both thought and that is what I thought the last time I had looked and failed to find it and so that is what we both again did.

It does not mean before though it means after.

And this from a so called scientist.

I know what happened.

After giving the precise co-ordinates our scientist thought… ‘well nobody but a fool would deign to follow the directions after being given the precise co-ordinates’… and so he skimped on them.

Naughty, naughty, Mr Science-Man.

Not only did he skimp on them, though, he also made them non-sensical… listen to this, ‘after about seventy metres a clearing in the trees opens up and the stone is clearly visible.

It may be covered, it may not…’ O Mr Science-Man!

Covered with what?

And since when has a covered stone, if it is covered, been clearly visible?

I do not mean to be critical even though I am being, because Our Mr Science-Man, may the Lord bless his Soul, did get one thing right.

The wood-stone is stunning.

Well, two things actually because he also had the humility to admit that neither he nor any of his colleagues knew the purpose of the stone… and a third for he was also possessed of the great good grace to inquire after any theories… of which… all in good time…


The smallest part

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