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The song was amazing. Clear, beautiful and varied…and very, very loud. I stopped what I was doing to stand and listen. I know that particular song well, though its singer is elusive. Not because wrens are particularly shy, but because they are so tiny.

Less than four inches long and weighing no more than a third of an ounce, their voices, weight for weight, are ten times louder than that of a rooster and their song is incredibly complex. Wrens are seldom seen, even though they are one of the commonest British breeding birds, simply because of their size and behaviour… but they certainly make themselves heard.

The top ‘leaf’ is my resident wren.

This little one is probably a male and has a particularly rich song. They vary… some sing better than others, but this one is a virtuoso. I scanned the trees, with little hope of pin-pointing the…

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