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The Feathered Seer – Theory and practice

Sue Vincent's Daily Echo

In theory, what ought to be happening today is relaxation, time out for a deep breath before plunging into the adventure of the weekend. In reality, the day will be filled with final preparations, last minute tweaks and packing and as much practice as we can get for those sequences where we will have to abandon the script and work from whatever the moment brings.

Appetites will be reduced to a minimum, thoughts will be wandering between the necessary practicalities and that ‘otherwhere’ to which we are heading. It isn’t nerves so much as anticipation.

The dictionary defines the verb ‘to anticipate’ in three basic ways… to regard as probable, to guess what will happen and try to be prepared, and to look forward with excitement. Yes, we’ve got all those covered…especially the last.  It also defines anticipation as acting as a forerunner to something, which could well apply to…

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