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Field of Sheaves IX…


…He leads her away almost carrying her.

 They disappear into the blackness beyond the ring of flames.

They choke on the oily smoke, blind with tears.


Within the flames

A voice sings, farewell, to the stars…


The fires glow against the horizon behind them.


She cannot see them with her eyes but she feels them still.

She will always feel them.

Red… Like the Rowan.

Red… Like blood.


The Way-Stone sits beneath the canopy, marking their route in its curves and lines.

She has never seen this place but she knows the value of the carved rock.

They have been here.

Her people…the rock is clean…scraped of its moss.

She knows its language.

She can read the white pebbles placed carefully in the hollow.

Three nights ago they were here.

And safe; they have vanished into the heartland and the stones tell the way.

She sweeps away the pebbles.

There will be no clue left for others to follow.

They will see the stone with eyes that cannot read it.



The Landscape of the Feathered Seer

The Silent Eye

Derbyshire is rich in the traces of an ancient culture about which we know very little. At first glance, many of these sites may seem to lack the stature of the better-known circles, but there is an intimacy about the smaller, forgotten circles that is lost when they are encased in protective fences and visited by thousands.

Archaeology can only work with what has survived after thousands of years of disrepair, disrespect and superstition. The picture that remains to us is fragmentary, focusing on the physical remains of hearth, home and grave.

There is a power in these sites of forgotten mysteries. For some it is simply the power to incite curiosity, for many it is something that still calls to heart and mind, offering a tantalising glimpse of a time when mankind saw the world as a magical place and the earth beneath his feet as the body of…

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