The earth mourns…

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Throughout the books written with Stuart France many stories are woven. This is another of those tales that is woven through the Doomsday series… and one of those upon which we drew for the Feathered Seer workshop. It tells the tale of a real site and the events that archaeology suggests may have taken place there.

The sun is warm on the plateau. The kine graze, lazily swishing flies with their tails. In the little fields the old man works, the only man here on the Hill, the place of the Seers who served the gods.

They need no menfolk, here on the Hill. They are safe behind the great stone walls, protected by the steep slopes of the mound. They are safe… years untold the seers have dwelt here; respected, sought by the clans. They weave the dreamsight… and they are cherished.

Children laugh and run in the afternoon…

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