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Inns and feathers

Sue Vincent's Daily Echo

We arrived early in Great Hucklow for the workshop weekend, leaving ourselves plenty of time for what has become the traditional coffee at the inn, high on the ridge. Looking out over the landscape towards Peter’s Rock was particularly appropriate this time as we had incorporated this and other local sites into the weekend. Even the ridge where we stood leads to an ancient hillfort that overlooks the village. And, as if to give the seal of approval to the weekend, we watched a great hawk sailing over the valley.

The Barrel Inn has been serving travellers on the high road since 1597 and is one of only five properties in the hamlet of Bretton, some 1300 feet above sea level. The narrow road that runs past its door was once the main route to Sheffield along which the salt from Cheshire was carried to serve the Castle. The views…

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Obelisk: Alchemical Gold #writephoto


As soon

As one



‘Natura Superior’…

One is

Immediately confronted with

Earth as dirt

And the need

To flee

This filthy spectre

Becomes paramount…


Yet it may

Be that the

Outer ring of

Stars in space

Is nothing more

Than a reflected




After all

Thrive on



Unexpected Shaman (1)

The Silent Eye

Jerome (not his real name, but those are his hands) had been teaching us some elementary Spanish.

We had been advised that the lesson was half an hour later than billed, but it had started on time. By the time we got there, the other two students were well ensconced in the picture cards that match local Mexican animals with their Spanish names.

I should have known then, really… Stuart, in particular, would have smiled, given the starring role the similarly sized Druid Animal cards had played in the previous year’s Silent Eye workshop – Leaf and Flame.

At the end of Jerome’s hour, he was drawing things to a close when he began to refer to the Mayan temple at Chichen Itza – our single destination for a very long day, tomorrow.
In response to a question about the geometry of its construction, he said, ‘You have to be…

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The Journey of the Feathered Seer Part 4: The Magic of Arbor Low by Alethea Kehas

The Silent Eye

IMG_1528I never made it to Peter’s Rock, although we passed close by it in the car, and as we did I made a vow to visit in a future trip. It is said to be a place of initiation, where one must face fear to move beyond the veil of illusion into the Light of Truth. The shaman took us there during ritual 4, and I felt I knew this place, at least in essence. But to feel its actual presence would have to wait.

During the week, I thought often of the snake I had found coiled like a sacrifice in the middle of my basement floor before I left for England. A symbol of the cycle of life that moves through birth into death in an endless repeat. I knew before I left my home that I would be going through an important phase in this cycle during my…

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