Strength and repose

Shamanic Paths


Deep in the inner planes, there is a niche in which resides an ornate box.

The wood from which it is carved emits a pleasing, somnolent scent; vaguely redolent of cedar, rose, and lemon. On the front face, an exquisite geometric representation of the final sky journey we must all take. The burnished top is covered in various animals, some in profile, others facing outward, all bearing the role of psychopomp in various cultures.

At either end, the likeness of an arched doorway. The “left” arch is richly entwined with a vine motif, consisting of much greenery and hanging fruits. The “right” arch, though richly detailed, consists of naught but stark stonework.

The interior… well, the interior changes; to meet the expectations of the inhabitant. Whatever form the interior takes, there is both familiarity and comfort. A haven of tranquility and peace, a genuine home-from-home.

The only constant…

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