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Aligned with the Raven…

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On the Sunday, ater the workshop was over and we had packed the cars, a small group of us headed off on what had the feel of a pilgrimage. The rituals of the weekend had been inspired by the land itself and we were to visit one of the sites before Running Elk had to leave us and head north to Scotland.

The story the land had whispered was that of the Clan of the Raven, and the clan was to take on a far greater importance over the course of the weekend than we had realised or written. It seemed only fitting that we take our Companions to the place we call the Raven’s Nest.

A convoy of cars set out. Running Elk was in the car behind us and it is no exaggeration to say that we could feel him fair oozing frustration at being unable to stop…

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Another Green World? #writephoto


The infant-souls crouched in the tunnel.

Water trickled and dripped… echoing…

Raven’s claws scratched and scuttled, drowning the echoes; he paused and tilted his head: his moon-eyes flashed.

Two tiny points of light defined the distance.

“Cruuu-aaach!” said Raven, “the light to your right leads to accident and pointlessness. There, is no love and no return. Death is an empty void of nothingness.

“Doooll-aaach!” continued Raven, “the light to your left leads to beauty and design. Love flows everywhere and return is eternal. Death is a paradise of abundance.”

Raven eyed the infant-souls, “which light do you choose?”



Photo prompt round up – Obelisk #writephoto

Sue Vincent's Daily Echo

The photo for this week’s prompt was taken on the island of Portland, just off the Dorset coast. The obelisk stands on Portland Bill, a narrow promontory at the southern end of the island. The Trinity House Obelisk was erected in 1844 to warn ships of the dangerous shelf of rocks hidden by the waters. Made of the local Portland Stone, much prized and used for the building of Buckingham Palace, St Paul’s Cathedral and other notable edifices, the obleisk stands around 30 feet tall. A few years ago, we went exploring in Dorset and found ‘wonderful things’.

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