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Tell-Tale Signs II…


… A very different Fionn tale (to give him his correct nomenclature), adapted from one of Ella Young’s re-tellings.

The full cycle of tales from which this one is drawn are available in, The Tangle Coated Horse, and although a ‘childrens book’ it is well worth tracking down as are all her writings.

Young’s is an authentic voice and her vision is both broad and deep and her touch light enough to happily accommodate the many interconnected worlds of Irish myth, folk and fairy-tale.

The Fenian Cycle can be problematic.

Most of the tales are late and many of them have been cast in a nostalgic frame.

On the other hand, the earliest tales are as enigmatic and genuinely challenging as any in the Irish canon and their pursuit can reap great dividends…

For some reason, of all the Irish heroes Fionn most readily ‘makes the transition’ into Scottish Folk-Tale.

In terms of this story, it would be interesting to re-discover the mark or marks on the threshold stone of Brugh na Angus, which should be straightforward enough, and the secret name¬† or names of the Four Treasures, which might not be quite so straight forward…

So, what are you waiting for?