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Inside-Out… #writephoto


“Well, he was here,” said Sputnik,” I saw him from outside, standing by the corner of the window.”

Maggot studied the door lock, the corridor and the stairs beyond, and then he walked slowly across the room and stood by the window-sill.

“You ever heard of spontaneous human combustion, Sputters?” he said quietly.

“You reckon that is what it was?” replied Sputnik, incredulously.

“Something similar,” shrugged Maggot.

“Wouldn’t  it leave some sort of trace?” asked Sputnik, tugging at his sticky-white shirt and tie.

“I expect so,” said Maggot trailing his forefinger idly through viscous liquid…




A day of gifts…

Sue Vincent's Daily Echo

Photo: Stuart France

Tuesday morning, we picked Nick up and went to meet the girls. We took the long way round… just to share the morning and the moors. It was reasonable weather, chilly and windy but dry…and that was all we needed. It is natural to want the best of everything, including the weather, but sometimes the real ‘best’ is not what we think. The moors and the ancient sites under blue skies are amazing… but when the clouds come down to play and heaven seems no more than a touch away, the moors show their soul.

The girls arrived at the rendezvous and we set off for Barbrook, the central site that inspired the workshop and the heart of the story. It is not an impressive site at first glance, but this corner of the moors has enough archaeology to keep you occupied for a lifetime. Unfortunately, the…

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Flight of the Seer VI…

The Silent Eye

Alethea Kehas and Barbara Walsh holding a photograph of Obi.


For those Companions who study the Silent Eye Correspondence Course the Sunday morning of our April Workshop is a special time.

It is then that we mark their progress through the three degrees of the course with a ceremony designed to ratify each stage of that process.

This year we were delighted to acknowledge Alethea Kehas and Barbara Walsh who completed their Second Degrees and Maurice Obioha Nwankwor (Obi) who completed the Third Degree of the course and thereby became the first of our students to achieve this beginning…

‘Initiation cannot be conferred by human hands.

Not all who reach the Portal will pass the Threshold.

Not all who knock will see that door held open to the Light.

Initiation cannot be bought, nor can it be earned through effort.

It is not a goal, but a beginning.


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