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… Brown went on through the night until he saw a fire in the distance.

He walked towards it and as he drew near he saw a large house, which he entered.

Inside the house a large crowd of ferocious looking men were fighting wildly.

Their chieftain, who had climbed into the crossbeams of the roof to escape the fight, called out from his vantage.

“You can stop your melee now, for I have a better gift than the one you lost this night.”

Straight away the scrimmage below ceased and the chief drew out a knife from his belt and held it up for all to see.

“This is the Knife of Division which was stolen from Fin Mac Coll many years ago. Cut a bone with this knife and you’ll draw the finest meat in all the world and as much of it as your heart could wish for.”

With that the chieftain passed down the knife and a small bone to the man nearest him who immediately cut the bone with the knife and drew a large chunk of succulent meat.

The knife and the bone were passed around from man to man in this wise until it reached Brown who was the last to take of it.

Brown cut a slice of meat from the bone like all the rest and then quietly slipped away into the night unseen.

He ran fast as he could back to Tara and just as he reached her fountain  the flame on his brand puttered and went out so bringing an end to his watch…

to be continued

From serpent to salamander

Sue Vincent's Daily Echo

From the serpent stones of Arbor Low, we headed to the village of Youlgreave in search of tea and salamanders. There is a pub that provides the former and a church that provides a superb glimpse into the history of the area. Youlgreave is an odd place… a village with a memory of grandeur. Once upon a time, judging by the scale of the church, the residential architecture and the faded names of businesses that linger above doorways, it must have been a bustling little town. Like many such places though, industry changed and moved on, taking its wealth with it and leaving the only ghosts of former glories behind.

Youlgreave church bears witness to past times, but not just to the lead mines that made the sleepy village once a centre of industry. It contains relics of a long history dating back to the time of the Domesday book…

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