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Knockety knock… #writephoto


“The door-knocker, Herr Docktor, is misnamed. Knuckles knock…” said Herbert giving the door three resounding knocks with his knuckles, “…door-knockers, rap!” He demonstrated his contention and the door-knocker rapped-out three sharp retorts in marked contrast to the previously administered knuckle-knocks.

“Anyway, there doesn’t appear to be anybody home,” concluded the Doctor.

“More’s the pity,” grinned Herbert eyeing the elaborately designed door-knocker with evident relish.

The two men turned to leave.

Just then the door opened and a long, leathery-tongue wrapped itself around the Doctor’s ankle and dragged him within.

Herbert walked on, his mind elsewhere, oblivious…



Photo prompt round up – Derelict #writephoto

Sue Vincent's Daily Echo

The photo for this week’s prompt was taken on the Holy Island of Lindisfarne. We visited the island one January day, just as the tide was about to cut the island off from the mainland for several hours. There were no tourists no crowds…just a rose-gold sunset over the ancient Abbey and the sea. The derelict building was tucked away in the corner of a field where we were watching the birds and a pair of kestrels.

Between absence from the computer and illness, I have not shared as many posts as I would have liked this week. I have also noticed that pingbacks are not always getting through. If you have written a piece for this week’s challenge and it does not appear below, please leave a link in the comments and I will add it to the list.

As always there were some superb contributions this week…

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