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Stones in the stones

Sue Vincent's Daily Echo

It wasn’t the most promising sky… or at least, what it was promising didn’t look pleasant, but we really felt the need to get out and about. There was work to be done and, as that work takes us across the moors and in amongst the ancient stones of our ancestors, I for one would not be complaining. Our first port of call would be another visit to Barbrook.

We have been working with this particular site for a long time. Three stone circles and innumerable cairns litter a small stretch of moor. It was here that we had first ritually planted small crystals in the earth during our autumn workshop weekend. We had done so again after the Feathered Seer workshop, when we had brought Nick, Alethea and Deb to the site and we were checking on the stones of the circle as we would a patient.

We approached…

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