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A walk on the wild side…

Sue Vincent's Daily Echo

We could see the back of our destination from the graveyard. To be fair, we’d had no intention of visiting a graveyard…not this time at least. We had sort of hoped the local church was attached to it, but no such luck. Even so, it was a good vantage point for the crags.

It would be a while before we reached them, though. The road meanders around the valley floor before you turn off through a village and head down the narrowest of lanes. Even when you have parked on the grass verge beside the lane, there is still a fair walk through the woods.

Not that walking through woods is any kind of hardship, especially when the bluebells are still in flower and tiny white flowers star the grass beneath the trees. Old, moss-covered  bark and tender green vie for attention.  The fresh scent of earth and rainwashed leaves…

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