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Cusp of the Moon IV…


When ravens

In battle-torment

For torn-flesh fight…

 Morvran, my horse

Firm-hoofed in stance

 Is indisposed to flight.


 Splendid my saddle

  And bright never sore

Polished my ring,

  Blameless, pure.


 When ravens

Over battle-field

Scream for strife…

Dormath my hound

Noses the green floor

His red gaze to ground.


Escort am I

For the grave

East to West


North to South

Alive am I,

Safe in death…



The Wyrm and the Wyrd: A tomb with a view

Sue Vincent's Daily Echo

We weren’t lost exactly. We knew exactly where we were. Back in Betws y Coed, where the falls tumble with such speed and grace they were named for the swallow. We had just come through there… and on a hot Sunday afternoon, it is  full of tourists and the narrow streets make turning around a bit on the dodgy side. The trouble was, we needed to be beyond the town, up in an unnamed field, somewhere on a farm outside the village of Capel Garmon. We found the village… eventually… but no signposts. As an act of faith, we set off in the opposite direction, hoping we would stumble across some indication of where we wanted to be…

Sure enough….’burial chamber parking’… we pulled into the slight widening of the narrowest of lanes, hoping its empty state meant we would get the site to ourselves. Through the farm gate, past…

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