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Sue Vincent's Daily Echo

There is a little private car parking area outside my son’s home through which I pass every day. Today I was weeding his driveway and, casting a glance around me, realised that the parking area is once again becoming carpeted with plant. It is not long ago that it was cleared, but weeds have reclaimed the gravelled area and painted it green.

At first glance, in an area of neat gardens and lace curtains, it just looks a bit of a mess. Unkempt and uncared for …almost derelict… in spite of the best efforts of the neighbour who has chosen to undertake its upkeep.

It takes a second glance to realise what you are really seeing; the unstoppable force that is Nature, exuberant with all the energy of summer, expressing itself in miniature.

These are not ‘just weeds’… they are wildflowers and garden escapees that have gone feral. Untamed Nature …

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