Daily Archives: August 14, 2017

Tell Tale Signs V…


A very early version of ‘Romeo and Juliet’, perhaps, yet there is much more here than merely a cautionary tale.

Or is this the ‘first entrance’ of our much vaunted king Arthur?

Apple for Avalon and Yew for an ‘evergreen death’…

The emphasis on topography and the singularly macabre content mark this as a druidic teaching story.

Refreshing also to note the pivotal use of simulacra. Not only is this phenomenon recognised in the tale, it also appears to have been given a very specific meaning which is indisputably linked to the spirit. This is a very different concept to anything modern science teaches us.

The main thrust of the argument is concerned with division and unity which in this instance also appears to be linked to use of the Ogham script, ‘woods and trees’ and the ethics of the poetical endeavour more generally. Forests here, then, would not be concieved so much as catherdral’s, perhaps, but as universities, or still playing on our theme of wisdom… schools!