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Aural Sculpting II…



“There are so many different versions of  ‘The Emerald Tablet’.

“It is an important text.”

“Some hold that it alone contains the essence of the alchemical teaching, and most of the versions differ in only the slightest respect, as if they were all translated from a single source.”

“It may have been that one of the Alchemical injunctions was for the student of alchemy to produce a personal rendering based on those that have gone before.”

“A distillation of wisdon down through the ages?”

“An aid to personal understanding.”

“‘Tends toward’ in this rendering seems idiosyncratic, most other versions are more definitive about the above and below?”

“Above and below are relative positions which can be defined by a point…”


…That which is above…


…That which is below…


“Already, one can sense that these words might gain greater clarity were they expressed in geometric form.”

“Geometry is a progression and alchemy is a process.

Geometry progresses from a point to a line.

The point is one, the line is two because it joins two points, and three is a triangle.

Alchemy, if the Emerald Tablet is to be believed, processes the above below and vice versa.”


That which is above




That which is below


“Why does Alchemy do this?”

“Because relativity is not perfect.

If one is ‘above’ one needs to experience ‘below’ and vice versa.”

“It might even be possible to say that anything relative isn’t real?”

“It’s nowhere rather than now here, certainly.”



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Unexpected exorcism

Shamanic Paths

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Odd. The little things we take for granted.

The sanctuary, provided within the walls of our own homes; safe, warm, clean. Yet do we ever pay enough attention to spiritual cleanliness thereof? If we fail to cleanse a space, at other than the physical level, it can quickly become filled with all sorts of psychic detritus that is not necessarily beneficial to health.

On a recent overnight visit to Mother I was caught unawares. She happened to mention, casually as if it were nothing really, that she hardly slept, invariably roused by nightmares several times each night.

This surprised me, she being neither prone to sleeplessness nor, I, perhaps, assumed, nightmares, and I wondered if this were another symptom to be expected in the pantheon associated with her cognitive decline.

How wrong can one be? Well…

In that place, between wakefulness and the…

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