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Three Steps to Heaven and Earth…


“Sure, ’tis a terrible thing to choose one or t’other.”

The Aurally Man


“Alchemy as process has a number of stages.”

“And nobody seems able to agree on how many!”

“This might not though be a disagreement of number but of measure.”

“An hour possesses sixty minutes and three-thousand-six-hundred seconds, after all.”

“If we make our focus three, we get…”



“A point worth considering: all the triangles are of equal size.”

“Individually this seems obvious but, perhaps, not quite so, relatively.”

“A shortcoming alluded to in the phrase, ‘vagaries of the human eye’.”

“Which is another point worth considering.”

“The human eye follows lines like a moth to flame.”

“This is one of the reasons why the ‘Blessed Head of Joshua’ is eyeless.”


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Sharing the quest…

Sue Vincent's Daily Echo

In the books written with Stuart France, we weave a story which details our journeys through the sacred landscape of old Albion, the ancient and inner heart of Britain. They are not factual guides or journals of our travels, nor are they fiction… they fall somewhere between the two. The books are illustrated in colour with photographs of our wanderings, and at the end of each book we decided we needed to include a gazetteer.

We had a bit of a problem there. One of the beauties of these ancient churches and sacred sites is that they are usually open and can be visited freely. While we wanted to share their beauty and magic, there is something very special about finding them for yourself. Then again, we really did not want the entries to be the dry, factual guides of a work of non-fiction either, so we decided to…

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