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Are we there yet? IV…



“Tell me, when will the kingdom come?” said Judas Thomas.

Joshua said,

“why do you wash out the inside of a cup?

So that you may fill it and drink from it?

Whoever makes good the inside, makes good the outside also.


The kingdom will not come by watching for it.

It will not be said, ‘look, there it is!’ or, ‘look, here it is!’


The kingdom is spread upon the earth but you cannot see it.


The kingdom is within you and without you,

and when you know yourself,

then you will be known and you will understand,

that this heaven will pass away,

and the one above it will pass away also.”


The Living One


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The Three Limbs of Mann – Steve Tanham

Sue Vincent's Daily Echo

Legs of Man croppedAA
A commercial example of the use of the IOM’s symbol, author’s photo

We have just returned from a long weekend on the Isle of Man. It is one of our favourite destinations, although it shares much of the wet climate of north Lancashire and neighbouring Cumbria, being seventy miles from the connecting port of Heysham. The ferry journey takes four hours and can be a delight or a horror, depending on the winds… You can fly, but where’s the fun in that, these days? An hour sitting in the wind on the deck of a ship, gazing out to sea, can be a wonderful meditation. Can’t think of anything that compares on a plane.

Isle of Man national flag: origin Wikipedia, Creative Commons licence.

I have often looked at the Manx national flag – the three legged figure above – and wondered at its origins. Flags, like sung anthems, say…

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