The plight of Black-Conn…

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I, alone with

White Feline

Each of us

One of a kind


Her mind on

Hunting, set

Mine is on my

Pet subject


What a curious

Thing to see

Kept at task

So glad, we’ll be


Housed together

We sit and find

Grand amusements

For our mind


She with eye

Pressed to a nook

Me with nose

Buried in a book


When the mouse

Peeks from its den

Swift and sly

Is Feline then


I seek wisdoms

Day and night


Darkness into light.


So, in peace

Our trades we

Ply, White Feline

The cat, and I


Daily practice

Patience played

Feline’s perfect

In her trade


To draw the sense

From wisdoms high

My feeble wits

I’m wont to try


Image result for lemniscate



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