The plight of Black-Conn…

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I, alone with

White Feline

Each of us

One of a kind


Her mind on

Hunting, set

Mine is on my

Pet subject


What a curious

Thing to see

Kept at task

So glad, we’ll be


Housed together

We sit and find

Grand amusements

For our mind


She with eye

Pressed to a nook

Me with nose

Buried in a book


When the mouse

Peeks from its den

Swift and sly

Is Feline then


To draw the sense

From wisdoms high

My feeble wits

I’m wont to try


So, in peace

Our trades we

Ply, White Feline

The cat, and I


Daily practice

Patience played

Feline’s perfect

In her trade


I seek wisdoms

Day and night


Darkness into light.


Image result for lemniscate



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