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My Lady Solitude

Sun in Gemini


When Winter’s call

Strips bare the wood

When Summer’s kiss

Is but a brood

Upon your heart

I will intrude

My lady solitude


When silent spell

Slows heartbeat’s time

And reaches deep

To chill the wine

Upon your lips

I will intrude

My lady solitude


To wait the green

And keening ride

That signals Spring

Begins its tide

Emergent green

We will extrude

From deep within your solitude


©Stephen Tanham

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Sue Vincent's Daily Echo

It has been a busy few weeks, and in some ways, not the best in my personal history. It had begun with a very sick car just days before we were to go north. The last-minute repair really did go right to the last minute…  and then I drowned my camera on the first day of the workshop.

Then a lousy dental infection got out of hand. It started a few days after getting home from the Scottish trip, just before I was turning around to go back up north again with my son. By the time we got home, it wasn’t good. I looked like a hamster, much to the amusement of the aforementioned son, and it cost me one molar with another still under threat. And I’ll soon be off north again on my travels…

On the other hand, it has not been all bad. In fact, quite…

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Solstice of the Moon: the Battle Stone

Sue Vincent's Daily Echo

The road carried us towards Forres, on the way to Inverness. We were, fairly predictably, on the trail of a stone. Not just any stone, though, this one is rather special. It is also quite a large one…though quite how large we did not realise until we parked the car and stood looking up at the thing. At twenty-one feet, it is the tallest carved stone of its kind in Scotland.

Sueno’s Stone stands at a crossroads where three roads meet.Legends tell that it was on this spot that the infamous witches met Macbeth, and their spirits were imprisoned within the stone, waiting to be released should it ever be broken. The only problem is that   Shakespeare wrote Macbeth  many centuries after the stone was first raised, but it does give a good reason for the glass case in which the stone now sleeps.

Another and more plausible legend…

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