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You believe you are part of where you think you are,

because you surround yourself with the environment you want,

in order to protect the image of yourself you have constructed.


The image of yourself that you have constructed is part of your environment,

what you see while you believe you are in it is seen through the eyes of that image.

This is not vison, images cannot see!



Solstice of the Moon: Pure magic

Sue Vincent's Daily Echo

The distinctive smell of tortured gears wafted into the car. It was not surprising. The lane we had chosen after the road closure, was not only so narrow we could not have passed an oncoming rabbit, it was also climbing at an alarming angle and had thrown in a hairpin bend with an adverse camber, just for good measure. Had there been anywhere to turn around at that point, I might have considered it, except for the irrational fear that any loss of traction would send us sliding back down the slope. Then there was a break in the wall to our left and…

To hell with the gears… the car has been needing a new clutch for a while anyway. The incredible view over the valley was worth it. We were already high and still climbing.  Thoughts of other impossible roads crossed my mind. If the narrow…

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