Daily Archives: November 18, 2017

Bridging the Gap…

We commence with a square plot of green grass

which we designate ‘Earth’.


We desire to stretch our boundaries and expand.

This desire seems to manifest most at the pointed corners of our square plot of land.


From here we form four blue circles which take their departure from the innermost being of our ‘Earth’.

We call our circles, ‘Heavens’ and we yearn to reach them.


Naturally, our desire manifests and the ‘Green Earth’ reaches out from its four corners.

It finds that it can touch the ‘Blue Heavens’ from these points.


We link these points in red and regard the shape thus formed as ‘Angelic’ for it mediates between the ‘Heavens’ and ‘Earth’.

The shape formed has eight sides and is known as an Octagon.