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St George, ORC

“I know what links St John the Baptist, St Christopher and St Catherine…”

“You do?”

“They were all beheaded.”



“How did you get from Baphomet to Sophia?”

“There’s a cipher, you convert Baphomet into Hebrew letters then apply the cipher and… voila!

“Could the Knights Templar have known that?”

“I don’t see any reason why not. They were in Jerusalem long enough to have familiarised themselves with both the Hebrew language and the Kabbalah and they had a reputation for delving into arcane subjects.”

“St George was beheaded too.”

“Why didn’t I know that, he’s the Patron Saint of England, why has no one told me that our patron saint was beheaded?”

“I bet no one told you he was Turkish either?”

“No wonder we never win anything.”

Wen giggles. “But what does it mean?”


“All these beheaded Saints.”

“I don’t know what…

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