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Notes from a small dog: The dotted line…

Sue Vincent's Daily Echo

I am an animal. Therefore, I am not sentient…

I have no emotions.

I do not feel happiness…

… joy…

… or fear.

I have no curiosity, because I am not a sentient being.

I have no understanding of the finer emotions, like gentleness, or sharing.

No understanding of wonder, excitement…

…or hope.

I do not suffer when I am ill.

I need no comforting…

I cannot laugh…

…or be bored…

…and I have no sense of humour.

I feel no guilt…because I am not conscious of wrongdoing…

…and I cannot feel love.

My two-legs disagrees.

Under the current EU laws, animal sentience, and the existence of their feelings, is recognised and must be taken into full account as new laws and rulings are passed.

The UK government have quietly voted to exclude animal sentience from the laws being passed to define our nation as we leave the EU. Although…

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Burning Bush…


So, what to say of this banner?

It is a work of art, certainly.

It is a work of art which transcends the medieval style of its composition, although, the ‘S’ as an ‘eight’ and the ‘M’ as an ‘omega’ are remarkable.

The ‘lance’ too, as ‘crozier’, is a sublime touch.

Was the dragon always golden?

Does this hue, denote the beginning or even the end of a process?

Was the beast once much bigger?

Is this really how one earns one’s ‘spiritual wings’?

The spirals on the Saint’s shield are, to say the least, suggestive.

 But the burning question which most readily springs to our mind…

If we nearly missed this depiction can we hope to find the Archangel when it is being deliberately ‘hidden’?



Following a trail

Sue Vincent's Daily Echo

Beheading of St Catherine, Pickering

I was roused from sleep at four a.m., dragged wide awake with a phrase ringing in my ears that sent me in search of coffee, computer and a small dog who thinks either that I have lost the plot or daylight saving time has gone haywire.

Those who have read our books will have realised by now that Stuart and I follow some pretty convoluted trails in our research and for the past three hours I have been hunting threads.

“If you ever loved anybody, learn about the babies of Waltham Cross”….Not the most pleasant thing to be wakened with … and I admit to a modicum of panic as I scanned the news and history….

Nothing obvious presented itself, thank goodness, and though a request for info on Facebook produced some interesting .. and heartbreaking.. stories, none of them seemed to click. Which, I…

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