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Beheading of St Catherine, Pickering

I was roused from sleep at four a.m., dragged wide awake with a phrase ringing in my ears that sent me in search of coffee, computer and a small dog who thinks either that I have lost the plot or daylight saving time has gone haywire.

Those who have read our books will have realised by now that Stuart and I follow some pretty convoluted trails in our research and for the past three hours I have been hunting threads.

“If you ever loved anybody, learn about the babies of Waltham Cross”….Not the most pleasant thing to be wakened with … and I admit to a modicum of panic as I scanned the news and history….

Nothing obvious presented itself, thank goodness, and though a request for info on Facebook produced some interesting .. and heartbreaking.. stories, none of them seemed to click. Which, I…

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