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The James Stone

Walking with a Smacked Pentax

This is the James Stone, first discovered by my good friend James Turner and myself last summer.

The stone is on a very remote part of a very remote and little visited Blubberhouses moor. I have walked these moors for donkeys years and in all that time I have only seen one other person. Almost no one goes up here. There is a track – a Roman road in fact, but that is a mile or so away. And it is going away from the stone.

The stone could be a boundary marker, put down a few centuries ago – but I doubt it. There are a couple of boundary stones on these moors but they are much, much smaller. There are no paths nearby and to carry this enormous stone (it is 5 ft. tall) would take a huge amount of effort. The ground all around is very…

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Derbyshire’s Green Man…


Beyond the forest’s leafy shade,

The hooded one, with giant’s pace

From pinnacle to pinnacle

Leap’t silently, in moonlit grace… 


In eremitic solitude

In caverns deep to meditate…

Within, the riddle of the night,

A key that will elucidate…


Beyond the stones, to four once nine

To where the goddess meets her mate

And heavens dance at winters turn

Bends earthwards to illuminate.