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Adoration of the One? III…


“As an aid to poesis the Chain of Being works in numerous ways.”



“It lends life to the notion of an interconnected cosmos without superfluity and raises the dignity of creation by recognising its symbiotic heights and depths.”



“It fortifies the mystical mind by presenting the ultimate unity as an infinite diversity.”



“And it offers man a way to ascend beyond his own nature.”



“Small wonder, then, that it should be regarded as an essential component of the Elizabethan world view.”


Holy Ground

Not Tomatoes


I’m not going to tell you that the moon

keeps the secrets of the tides

because you hold the ocean in your body

When you are still

feel the waves rushing you softly to the edges

bringing you back to center

You were not born broken and forgotten

you, who were birthed with the strength of cohesion

and the force of a division that remembers unity

One thousand lives might bring you back to the place of origin

or you can go there now

riding the breath like a wave to seed the sacred


your body becoming the holy ground

fertile to the quickening pulse

ripe with life

it rocks with the memory

of home

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